Drawing is a skill of mine – storyboarding is not.

I’ve finally constructed my storyboard. It starts off with detailed illustrations and sentences and then slowly progresses into stick figures and three word sentences. I’m finding it really difficult to stay on top of all my other assignments – hence the primitive storyboard. I guess as long as the idea and messages is conveyed it shouldn’t really matter. Any way.

Storyboard Page one.

Storyboard Page one.

Storyboard Page 2
Storyboard Page 2

Storyboard Page 3

Storyboard Page 3

Stroyboard Page 4

Stroyboard Page 4

Storyboard Page 5

Storyboard Page 5

Stroyboard Page 6

Stroyboard Page 6



Trouble! Cast and Crew.

I am having problems uploading my storyboard – so I have to figure that out tomorrow. More importantly, the thing I find most difficult about creating movies is organising people. Everything else is much more easier. 
I plan to have finished filming by next Monday, but we will see how we go. 

Is laziness genetic? That way I can blame my parents.

x Sarah

Cheesemaking and Gwen Stefani

Okay so it’s 11:15. I have shit-loads to do tomorrow and I have still not even started my philosophy essay. So, considering we discussed critical thinking extensively in class, I now have critically appraised my situation and here are my options:

1. I could stop procrastinating and actually write my essay.

This option would seem the most logical and most productive.

2. I could become a stripper/cheese maker.

Cheese maker by day – stripper by night. Or to save time I could combine the two and become a  stripper that makes cheese snacks at the club. Wait… I’m lactose intolerant.

3. I could sleep. Forever.

4. I could do my storyboarding for my film.

The deadline for my storyboard is also looming! Uhh. Option 3 is looking good right now. I hope you all appreciate being a part of this procrastination process. If any of you cyber kids see me in the street tomorrow scaring small children with the bags under my eyes you will know it is because I stayed up ’til for in the mornin’ (GWEN STEFANI REFERENCE) to finish the stupid essay. Whoa that was a long sentence.

Great. It’s now 11:28.

Procrastination isn't always bad

I have finished constructing my masks for the film. Also my room is very clean and I have organised my itunes library. Who says procrastination is a bad thing!

I still haven’t even started my essay….

Bring out the Creative!

I think I’ve been enjoying this project a little too much. I am consumed by it! I’ve begun creating props and the masks are underway. I’m trying to keep it as low budget as possible, and I’ve been keeping a running total of my creative costs and resource costs.

Spray Paint – $2.99

Old Sheets – $15.00

Sticky tape – $2.00

Not doing so badly now am I? I think that’s it for creative costs. Time costs I choose not to log because I know I have been spending far too much time creating props rather than writing a 2000 word essay that’s due tomorrow. Haha wish me luck!



Location, location, location!

I’ve found the perfect spot for the opening sequence of my film. Soft focus, bringing the lights to a blur, and the main character will be pulled into focus slowly.

I did a couple tester shots, it looks great on film, photography… not so much. As long as you get the idea.

Plot Development and Terrible Time Management

If you are all wondering how I am travelling with my pre-production of my new film ‘Cardboard Crusaders’ I can tell you now – it’s coming along swimmingly. I will say this though, I find pre-production so tedious and frustrating. I just want to get out there and film! Obviously that never works (I know from experience), so the logical part of me is telling me to plan.

I’ve started to draw up concept designs. I want the characters to be masked. It emphasises a sense of ambiguity for the audience. I have chosen a fox for mask one. A fox is often associated with being very cunning. That’s what I want to say about the first character. They are cunning and intelligent. They are willing to question what is now becoming socially acceptable and ask “Why or why not. How and Who for?”

The aim of this new film is to get people to reconnect with each other (which seems ironic due to the whole mask thing). I want to bring back what it means to be human (which is once again ironic because they are animal masks) and pull focus from our ever-increasing reliance on technology.

Any way. It’s all still early days. Here is a photo of mask 1. also known as “The Bandit”.

Bandit Mask!

Bandit Mask! The Fox who starts it all….