Holidays and Ham Sandwiches.

So. I bet you’re all wondering what I managed to get up to over the semester break. Here it is:

1. Spontaneous Road-trip To Sydney.

This is basically how it went down.

Friend: What should we do? Want to go see a movie?
Me: Hmmm. Let’s go to Sydney.
Brother: Okay.

*Nek minnet* Driving to Sydney. Trust me though, as much as spontaneity sounds adventurous and youthful, it also had it’s down sides – because we were so broke we had to sleep in the car one night and a dingey hostel the other. I wasn’t so upset about the hostel because there were british boys there. It was practically like meeting one direction… only less… glamourous.

With sleep deprivation being the only major downside, along with being broke, (such is student life I suppose) we were able to make our own fun.


Here is a little snap shot of the beautiful harbour bridge the first night we arrived. God must have known we were coming. Worth the ten hours of midnight driving, right?


With low funds, we decided the best way to see Sydney would be on bikes likes the hipsters we are. This is a photo of my brother and I riding over the harbour bridge. Beautiful blue day, with a care-free attitude – perfect combination.

Other trip highlights include:
– Watching the sunset at Bondi Beach

– Eating Pork Buns in China Town

– Hearing only the audio to The Incredibles movie.

If you’re interested in seeing more photos feel free to visit my instagram. Just ignore all the pet photos – If you’re searching in the app: gypsy_kid

See you ’round,



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