Living Life: A Life Worth Living.

Hello Children, 

I am back from my sabbatical, with a lot to share.

First week of uni holidays and I find myself sitting on the bean bag with no pants on playing Grand Theft Auto for three days straight. This is what happens when my housemates go home for the holidays.

Any way. Heading into my forth consecutive day in pant-less isolation something just snapped. I always thought an epiphany would be triggered from a significant life-changing event, but in my case it happened whilst deciding what cheese to put on my toast.

What is the epiphany you ask? Whilst staring at my burnt and some what disappointing cooked bread, I thought about being old, about getting old, and about time. How we spend our time. I recently read somewhere that often people regret the opportunities they didn’t take, and without missing a beat God decided to send me some messages which I believe are related.


1. Love is an experience which is shared.

Pass on the love. I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie Unconditional, but I stumbled upon this movie and realised I shouldn’t be spending my holidays alone. I need to spend time with friends and family. I need to make these precious moments count, and have experiences with people I love. 

2. Life is short. 

I’ve had this impending sense that something is going to happen. I can’t explain it. Something in my head is telling me to go out and live, because tomorrow is uncertain. 

And that is exactly what I did these holidays. I lived, and I have been living. Hence the lack of posting. I will fill you all in on my devious adventures gradually. 



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