Reflecting Reflection: A reflection on reflecting.

Woah. That title hurt my brain. 

Any way.

This semester Networked Culture was probably my most challenging subject in a practical sense. I really enjoyed implementing real-world skills to solve problems creatively. I think that is why I enjoyed learning about viral communication. I tested some theories I researched on going viral. Needless to say I am still waiting for my five minutes of fame. Similarly, thinking about all the information that is accessible the almost everyone these days is astounding. Another relevant skill was learning to compare and contrast the positives and negatives of communication before and after the internet.

Researching for this subject did not feel tedious (which is a massive thing to say considering I get distracted eas….SQUIRREL!) In saying that I really enjoyed constructing my hyper text essay. I learnt a lot about how we use music to connect with one another, and the power it has to influence people, particularly the youth of today. 

Speaking of people. My most viewed and liked blog post of the semester was actually to do with social observations in relation to group work. I think this is relevant to Networked Culture, as humor is also a very powerful way of connecting with people.

Lastly, I have chosen my first ever blog post as my last of the top five. This is because it demonstrates how far I have come since the start of semester. Since then, I have learnt to blog, use youtube, create films, create flowcharts/wireframes, and even a little bit about the history of how we communicate. 

To quote my good friend Albert Einstein: It’s all relative! 

Ta ta for now my lovely’s ,

                                              x Sarah  


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