Transmedia Project – A Hero’s Tale

Okay. Finally done!

As a film maker I must embrace creative difficulties – and boy have I had difficulties! My first idea for the TMP was an elaborate storyline involving masks and character of all kinds. Unfortunately due to availability of the cast I had to change my idea, but I still thought it would be a good thing to build off a cardboard incorporated idea.

Thus – a Hero’s Tale was born. I wanted to do something achievable and make use of the resources I have. So, I thought to myself, what are the accessibly resources I have, and how can I make a movie out of them? Then it came to me! A short action adventure comedy with a pop culture reference smooshed in between.

I had severe time contraints on this project, due to external circumstances so I had to get the filming done basically all in one day. This was not a problem, although I would have liked to grab more footage towards the end as a way of building up the climax of the story a little bit better. Once again, unfortunately the weather was against me, so I could not continue filming in the rain for fear of damaging my camera.


Working with animals isn’t as bad as they make it out to be, especially when this gorgeous golden is so intelligent.

I have learnt a lot through out the process of this project, particularly when thinking about the interaction between audience and film. I made the film as a way of making sure the story line can translate to a physical activity in someway. This means being able to actually go on a quest similar to that of Bluepants772’s quest. I have also learnt that pre-production of film projects is probably about 80 percent, filming is 5 percent and editing is 15 percent. It was critical for me to have an implemented timeline, which I now know for next time, will be detrimental in assisting with scheduling issues and time contraints.


A still from the film. I liked the idea of having a small puppy having such a mature voice, it added to the story in a comedic fashion – putting it in Spanish was just icing on the cake.

Here is a more refined and detailed version of my storyboard. Rather than uploading all of it I have chosen to upload two pages as an example:

Beginning of the film, simple storyboard, but conveys the message appropriately.

Beginning of the film, simple storyboard, but conveys the message appropriately.

Mid-sequence. Things get technical and notes are tacken accordingly.

Mid-sequence. Things get technical and notes are tacken accordingly.

More information on the interactive elements: I have set up a blog similar to this one in which audience members can get to via the youtube video. The blog explains that the hero’s tale is not just for Bluepants772. A quest is given in which the audience are given co-ordinates to the forest of Gabbadoobie (where the filming was done). The Quest involving filming or capturing the defeat of a forest beast. Once this is done, the proof of the beast is sent to an off-shire email account. The email then generates another set of co-ordinates to find the buried treasure of Gabbadoobie.

Here is a flowchart explaining the process in more detail:

The process of interactive Media.

The process of interactive Media.

So there you go. A hero’s tale was so much fun to make, and who knows, there might even be a sequel. It’s an idea I would like to expand on further using all the techniques and problem solving skills I have acquired through out the undertaking of the Networked Culture subject. e.g: Technical editing using online software such as youtube.

That’s it for now from my reflections!


Sarah x


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