People, places and Problems – A new concept is introduced.

Okay. So I’ve been having difficulty after difficulty in trying to orchestrate this new short film. It is not the concept that needs work – it’s the timeframe that needs to be rescheduled. I have decided to post-pone the masks project until Uni holidays, and build a new idea off the ‘cradboard crusaders’ concept. This new concept will be used for my Making Networked culture project. This does mean, unfortunately, that I will have to re-write a new script and a new storyboard, but with the new idea I have been working on this should’t be too much of a problem.

I am writing the script tonight, and will have the storyboard ready in order to film over the weekend. NO MORE MESSING AROUND!

The main issue I’ve had will be addressed by reducing cast members within the storyline – seeing as it has been too challenging to co-ordinate a more complex storyline, with multiple characters. (This is particularly because it’s around the end of semester, everyone is busy studying for exams or working, etc.)

On the plus side, while filming the first sequence to the masks idea, my friend and I had the opportunity to explore an abandoned mental asylum.

Here is a picture of her trying not to look freaked out.


Whilst filming i cut myself on shards of glass. Maybe that was the spirits telling me to get out. Oh goodness – the things we do for the love of art.

x Sarah


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