The Viral Virus

I have decided I want to go viral. From the Harlem Shake to Planking, going viral is a way to instant (but most of the time short-lived) success.

It seems almost impossible to fathom that if you are the creator of a viral sensation you could earn more money, fame and fortune in 3 minutes than some make in their life time.

Let’s talk about viral media. Up until recently, videos were considered the most effect way of going viral. However, since the creation of meme’s, that has changed. My favourite meme of all time has got to be Sweet Brown’s ‘Aint nobody got time for dat.‘ Here is a women who decided to talk to news crews regarding a fire, and then all of a sudden she is being asked to do television interviews about her television interview! It starts with one media outlet, and then gradually spreads like a virus (hence the term, going viral) to other forms of networking.

Which brings me back to my ambitious goal. I WANT TO GO VIRAL! But what? How? Who? Where? So it is of today that I shall create my own meme and follow the recommended formula in order to go viral.ImageImage


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