Beyonce Booty and Cultural Expectations.

I’ve been sitting at my computer for hours.

“Write a blog,” Hugh says. “It will be easy.”

So here I am. Stuck. They say first impressions are everything. What do I write? What writing style should I embrace? I want to be witty. I want to be clever. I want to be charming. Yet for some reason all that comes to mind are ‘Ya Mum’ jokes.

After googling said jokes and chortling to myself, I reflected on the discussions and information that was shared in our first tutorial. The concepts of public and private interactions really grabbed my attention, particularly in relation to blogging.

I don’t allow my close friends to read my existing blog, yet I am completely okay with the idea of strangers from all over the world reading about how I stuffed t shirts down my pants to see what I looked like with a Beyonce booty. Why is this? Why am I sharing such private information so publicly, yet attempting to filter that information from my family and friends?

Differences in cultural expectations of public and private media usage is another concept I found quite interesting, so i decided to do a little more research. We’ve established that in Japan, talking on your phone whilst on a train is a big social no-no. They even have announcements over the PA system to remind passagers to turn their phone on silent or vibrate, otherwise known as ‘manner mode.’ Because of this, the most popular way to use mobile media consists of texting or emailing. This is however, completely opposite in Italian society today. It is considered socially acceptable to answer a phone call during dinner at a restaurant, during a business meeting or even at a concert. Which as a result, makes voice calls the most popular way of communicating with a cellur device in Italy. It is interesting to think how social and cultural customs have such a big role to play in the way we use mobile media.   

Any way, I could go on and on. But after writing about my Beyonce booty secret, I think I have decided how to approach this blog: with honesty. I’m not going to filter myself and put on a front. This is me. A girl that tucks her socks into her pants on cold days learning about media and networked culture.

I’ll keep you all posted about my thoughts and feelings and who knows, maybe even share some more embarrassing stories.

– Sarah x

P.s Ya mum is so fat, she got arrested at the airport for ten pounds of crack.


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