So. I bet you’re all wondering what I managed to get up to over the semester break. Here it is:

1. Spontaneous Road-trip To Sydney.

This is basically how it went down.

Friend: What should we do? Want to go see a movie?
Me: Hmmm. Let’s go to Sydney.
Brother: Okay.

*Nek minnet* Driving to Sydney. Trust me though, as much as spontaneity sounds adventurous and youthful, it also had it’s down sides – because we were so broke we had to sleep in the car one night and a dingey hostel the other. I wasn’t so upset about the hostel because there were british boys there. It was practically like meeting one direction… only less… glamourous.

With sleep deprivation being the only major downside, along with being broke, (such is student life I suppose) we were able to make our own fun.


Here is a little snap shot of the beautiful harbour bridge the first night we arrived. God must have known we were coming. Worth the ten hours of midnight driving, right?


With low funds, we decided the best way to see Sydney would be on bikes likes the hipsters we are. This is a photo of my brother and I riding over the harbour bridge. Beautiful blue day, with a care-free attitude – perfect combination.

Other trip highlights include:
– Watching the sunset at Bondi Beach

– Eating Pork Buns in China Town

– Hearing only the audio to The Incredibles movie.

If you’re interested in seeing more photos feel free to visit my instagram. Just ignore all the pet photos – If you’re searching in the app: gypsy_kid

See you ’round,



Living Life: A Life Worth Living.

Hello Children, 

I am back from my sabbatical, with a lot to share.

First week of uni holidays and I find myself sitting on the bean bag with no pants on playing Grand Theft Auto for three days straight. This is what happens when my housemates go home for the holidays.

Any way. Heading into my forth consecutive day in pant-less isolation something just snapped. I always thought an epiphany would be triggered from a significant life-changing event, but in my case it happened whilst deciding what cheese to put on my toast.

What is the epiphany you ask? Whilst staring at my burnt and some what disappointing cooked bread, I thought about being old, about getting old, and about time. How we spend our time. I recently read somewhere that often people regret the opportunities they didn’t take, and without missing a beat God decided to send me some messages which I believe are related.


1. Love is an experience which is shared.

Pass on the love. I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie Unconditional, but I stumbled upon this movie and realised I shouldn’t be spending my holidays alone. I need to spend time with friends and family. I need to make these precious moments count, and have experiences with people I love. 

2. Life is short. 

I’ve had this impending sense that something is going to happen. I can’t explain it. Something in my head is telling me to go out and live, because tomorrow is uncertain. 

And that is exactly what I did these holidays. I lived, and I have been living. Hence the lack of posting. I will fill you all in on my devious adventures gradually. 


Reflecting Reflection: A reflection on reflecting.

Woah. That title hurt my brain. 

Any way.

This semester Networked Culture was probably my most challenging subject in a practical sense. I really enjoyed implementing real-world skills to solve problems creatively. I think that is why I enjoyed learning about viral communication. I tested some theories I researched on going viral. Needless to say I am still waiting for my five minutes of fame. Similarly, thinking about all the information that is accessible the almost everyone these days is astounding. Another relevant skill was learning to compare and contrast the positives and negatives of communication before and after the internet.

Researching for this subject did not feel tedious (which is a massive thing to say considering I get distracted eas….SQUIRREL!) In saying that I really enjoyed constructing my hyper text essay. I learnt a lot about how we use music to connect with one another, and the power it has to influence people, particularly the youth of today. 

Speaking of people. My most viewed and liked blog post of the semester was actually to do with social observations in relation to group work. I think this is relevant to Networked Culture, as humor is also a very powerful way of connecting with people.

Lastly, I have chosen my first ever blog post as my last of the top five. This is because it demonstrates how far I have come since the start of semester. Since then, I have learnt to blog, use youtube, create films, create flowcharts/wireframes, and even a little bit about the history of how we communicate. 

To quote my good friend Albert Einstein: It’s all relative! 

Ta ta for now my lovely’s ,

                                              x Sarah  

Transmedia Project – A Hero’s Tale

Okay. Finally done!

As a film maker I must embrace creative difficulties – and boy have I had difficulties! My first idea for the TMP was an elaborate storyline involving masks and character of all kinds. Unfortunately due to availability of the cast I had to change my idea, but I still thought it would be a good thing to build off a cardboard incorporated idea.

Thus – a Hero’s Tale was born. I wanted to do something achievable and make use of the resources I have. So, I thought to myself, what are the accessibly resources I have, and how can I make a movie out of them? Then it came to me! A short action adventure comedy with a pop culture reference smooshed in between.

I had severe time contraints on this project, due to external circumstances so I had to get the filming done basically all in one day. This was not a problem, although I would have liked to grab more footage towards the end as a way of building up the climax of the story a little bit better. Once again, unfortunately the weather was against me, so I could not continue filming in the rain for fear of damaging my camera.


Working with animals isn’t as bad as they make it out to be, especially when this gorgeous golden is so intelligent.

I have learnt a lot through out the process of this project, particularly when thinking about the interaction between audience and film. I made the film as a way of making sure the story line can translate to a physical activity in someway. This means being able to actually go on a quest similar to that of Bluepants772’s quest. I have also learnt that pre-production of film projects is probably about 80 percent, filming is 5 percent and editing is 15 percent. It was critical for me to have an implemented timeline, which I now know for next time, will be detrimental in assisting with scheduling issues and time contraints.


A still from the film. I liked the idea of having a small puppy having such a mature voice, it added to the story in a comedic fashion – putting it in Spanish was just icing on the cake.

Here is a more refined and detailed version of my storyboard. Rather than uploading all of it I have chosen to upload two pages as an example:

Beginning of the film, simple storyboard, but conveys the message appropriately.

Beginning of the film, simple storyboard, but conveys the message appropriately.

Mid-sequence. Things get technical and notes are tacken accordingly.

Mid-sequence. Things get technical and notes are tacken accordingly.

More information on the interactive elements: I have set up a blog similar to this one in which audience members can get to via the youtube video. The blog explains that the hero’s tale is not just for Bluepants772. A quest is given in which the audience are given co-ordinates to the forest of Gabbadoobie (where the filming was done). The Quest involving filming or capturing the defeat of a forest beast. Once this is done, the proof of the beast is sent to an off-shire email account. The email then generates another set of co-ordinates to find the buried treasure of Gabbadoobie.

Here is a flowchart explaining the process in more detail:

The process of interactive Media.

The process of interactive Media.

So there you go. A hero’s tale was so much fun to make, and who knows, there might even be a sequel. It’s an idea I would like to expand on further using all the techniques and problem solving skills I have acquired through out the undertaking of the Networked Culture subject. e.g: Technical editing using online software such as youtube.

That’s it for now from my reflections!


Sarah x

A Hero’s Tale

Okay so as a requirement of the transmedia project (meaning interactivity) I have put together a blog dedicated to the interaction of the film I’ve made – A Hero’s Tale. Here on the blog it has a video, pictures, and instructions explaining how to get to the Forest of Gabbadoobie and how to gain the information to find the burried treasure.

If you guys are curious, follow the link and embark on an adventure! If you want to watch the video to make you curious, here it is: Good luck warrior!

Finished product.

Okay so I have filmed my new transmedia film. I can’t say I am entirely happy with the way it turned out, simply for the fact that it started to rain and I couldn’t film in case my camera got damaged. So, I had to make do with the footage I had. Time contraints is something I really need to be able to work on for my next project! Any way, I’m sorting out all the admin stuff to be ready to upload and link it through on my blog. I will also upload the storyboard and any other relevant material. 


x Sarah

People, places and Problems – A new concept is introduced.

Okay. So I’ve been having difficulty after difficulty in trying to orchestrate this new short film. It is not the concept that needs work – it’s the timeframe that needs to be rescheduled. I have decided to post-pone the masks project until Uni holidays, and build a new idea off the ‘cradboard crusaders’ concept. This new concept will be used for my Making Networked culture project. This does mean, unfortunately, that I will have to re-write a new script and a new storyboard, but with the new idea I have been working on this should’t be too much of a problem.

I am writing the script tonight, and will have the storyboard ready in order to film over the weekend. NO MORE MESSING AROUND!

The main issue I’ve had will be addressed by reducing cast members within the storyline – seeing as it has been too challenging to co-ordinate a more complex storyline, with multiple characters. (This is particularly because it’s around the end of semester, everyone is busy studying for exams or working, etc.)

On the plus side, while filming the first sequence to the masks idea, my friend and I had the opportunity to explore an abandoned mental asylum.

Here is a picture of her trying not to look freaked out.


Whilst filming i cut myself on shards of glass. Maybe that was the spirits telling me to get out. Oh goodness – the things we do for the love of art.

x Sarah